Basic Training 101

As part of Mirimichi Green's efforts to provide our distributors with tools to succeed, we have prepared Basic Training 101 to share our company’s unique approach to sustainable turf and landscape management, and introduce you to our core products.

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To successfully complete Basic Training 101:

  1. Watch the 15-minute presentation
  2. Score a 70% or better on our short quiz

We believe that better training produces better value – for our partners, distributors, and end-users.  In addition to this required basic training, we encourage you to explore other modules to expand your knowledge and earn badges, certificates, and even swag!


Basic Training 101 will cover:

  • Mirimichi Green’s background and history
  • Mirimichi Green’s purpose
  • CarbonizPN Soil Enhancer
  • Release Products
  • Specialty Fertilizer Products
  • Test Data
  • Tree Treatment
  • Before & After

You can revisit this page at any time to navigate the course material.